Featured Products
Bubbling Rust LIGHT 30ml

Bubbling Rust LIGHT 30ml£2.99

For producing bubbling and flaking heavy rust on scale models.

Masking Fluid 30ml

Masking Fluid 30ml£2.99

Liquid painting mask for scale models and crafts, easy peel-off latex compound.

Bubbling Rust DARK 30ml

Bubbling Rust DARK 30ml£2.99

For producing bubbling and flaking heavy rust on scale models.

Decal Solvent 30ml

Decal Solvent 30ml£2.99

Softens waterslide decals, allowing them to conform to irregular and detailed model surfaces, adhering perfectly and giving that ‘painted on’ look.

Heavy Chipping Fluid 30ml

Heavy Chipping Fluid 30ml£2.99

For heavily chipped and flaked paint effects on scale models.

Airbrush Thinner 30ml

Airbrush Thinner 30ml£2.99

High-performance acrylic paint thinner for achieving the ideal consistency for airbrushing.

MiniStrip Gel 30ml

MiniStrip Gel 30ml£2.99

Paint stripping gel for fast and effective removal of most types of model paint.

Basing Compound 70g

Basing Compound 70g£3.99

Easy-to-use, air-drying compound for producing various textured finishes on wargaming bases.


Whether your interest is making scale models of tanks, aircraft, and ships, or perhaps painting fantasy resin figures, wargaming miniatures, and sci-fi, we understand the importance of turning your imagination into reality.

Model making can be one of the most satisfying hobbies there is; turning a pile of sprues, plastic card, or a lump of modelling clay into something you can display with pride, it gives a huge feeling of achievement. However, without the right tools and modelling materials, it can also turn into a frustrating one. Perhaps an airbrush that keeps clogging, a decal that hasn't sat properly or you just can't get the weathering effects right with techniques you have tried before. We aim to provide solutions for some of these problems and provide a few accessories and pieces that might help to inspire your build.

We provide high-quality basics such as airbrush thinner, decal solvent, and masking fluid, along with some more technically interesting products such as 'bubbling rust', chipping fluid, and other weathering products, for achieving realistic effects. Wargamers and Warhammer collectors may appreciate our MiniStrip Gel, suitable for stripping paint from previously painted models.