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About us

Mantis models and hobbies is a UK-based business that specializes in products for model making, special effects, and crafts.
As passionate hobbyists, our experience with scale models, wargaming, and crafts led us to develop our own formulations, materials, and techniques for creating high-quality finishes, details, dioramas, special effects or simply saving time when model-making, which we now offer as products.
We are a small family-run business but with a strong focus on quality and consistency of our products, because when it comes to hobby projects, we understand the importance of being able to turn your imagination into reality.
Why the name Mantis? To many cultures, the mantis is symbolic of calmness, mindfulness, and meditative creativity. All things we associate with our hobbies, which can be an essential break from hectic modern lives. Also, we think mantises are pretty cool.
Please enjoy looking at our products and content, and be sure to check back regularly as we are always working on something new in our studio!

Please contact us with any questions about our products and the techniques they can be used for.

Natasha, Mantis Models and hobbies