MiniStrip Gel 30ml

MiniStrip Gel 30ml
MiniStrip Gel 30mlMiniStrip Gel 30mlMiniStrip Gel 30ml
MiniStrip Gel 30mlMiniStrip Gel 30ml

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* Paint stripping gel for fast and effective removal of most types of model paint.
* Ideal for stripping wargaming miniatures, die-casts, resin figures, and plastic models; leaving a clean and fresh surface ready for re-painting.
* Safe on plastic, metal, and resin models, including clear parts.
* Thixotropic gel formula: easy to apply directly to the model with a brush, providing efficient use of the product and unlike liquid paint strippers, you won’t contaminate the rest of the product with paint gunk.
* 30ml bottle with easy to control dropper nozzle. Made in the UK.

MiniStrip Gel is an easy to use, low mess, and a non-hazardous way to effectively strip paint from previously painted models, whether that is a well-used army of wargaming miniatures, a vintage die-cast car that needs a new lease of life, or a plastic model kit someone else started but you decided to finish.

Complete stripping of paint usually occurs within 2 hours but this product can also be safely left on overnight if the model has multiple layers of thick paint.
The thixotropic gel formula clings to the surface without dripping or running, meaning you can strip a model using a relatively small amount of product, without contaminating the rest of the bottle. This also means you can strip larger models, that would otherwise need a very large container of liquid stripper to dip the whole model into.
You can also ‘spot strip’ a model; you might be happy with most of the paint job but would like to strip a small section for repainting. It is easy to apply the gel to just this area, with the fluorescent green colour of the gel aiding visibility.

The MiniStrip Gel formula is designed to strip paint in a ‘clean’ manner. Many other strippers are based on Benzyl alcohol, which, whilst an effective stripper, also tends to create a thick goop of dissolved paint that clogs the surface and is difficult to rinse off with water.
MiniStrip Gel will instead ‘get under the paint’ and flake it away in a cleaner fashion, combined with a surfactant property that allows it all to be washed off easily with water.

MiniStrip Gel has been tested effectively on a variety of painted surfaces from 80s wargaming miniatures painted with what looked like garage door paint to pre-painted ‘gashapon’ resin models from Japan we wished to re-paint. We can’t guarantee it will strip any paint, as someone may have decided to paint their models with industrial floor paint, but it will certainly strip all manner of acrylic, enamel, and lacquer model paints, whether originally brushed, airbrushed, or sprayed from a can.

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