Bubbling Rust LIGHT 30ml

Bubbling Rust LIGHT 30ml
Bubbling Rust LIGHT 30mlBubbling Rust LIGHT 30mlBubbling Rust LIGHT 30mlBubbling Rust LIGHT 30ml



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* For producing bubbling and flaking heavy rust on scale models.
* Unique self-texturing application, produces realistic patterns of steel and iron corrosion.
* Used under paint layers, to produce an effect of rust bubbling up through paint, which can be difficult to achieve with standard paints and weathering products.
* Also used to apply a heavily textured corroded surface to details such as exhaust pipes.
* Available in Light and Dark rust tones. 30ml bottle with easy to control dropper nozzle. Made in the UK.

Bubbling rust is used for producing very realistic and deeply textured corrosion effects on scale models.
It can be applied onto primed models, before painting the main layers to produce textured bubbling rust, that can be left intact for a bubbled paint appearance, or the paint layer easily picked away to reveal the kind of ‘puff pastry’ rust seen bubbling through on very heavily corroded surfaces.
It can also be applied over the top of painted parts as heavy surface corrosion, useful for details like vehicle exhaust pipes, scrap metal, etc.
This makes it the ideal product for realistic abandoned equipment, post-apocalypse scenes, and some very rusty vehicles.

Bubbling rust is easy-to-apply water and mineral binder based product, that self-textures into the bubbly and grainy texture seen with heavy corrosion. Lightly stippling the product with a brush can produce fine surface rust bubbles or it can be painted on in thick clods to produce big blisters of deeply rusting surfaces. It is quick-drying but easy to correct or remove with a wet brush even after drying (it eventually cures with air exposure)
It is an easily friable material when dry, to allow easy flaking of paint layers and cratering of the rust. We recommend sealing the effect with a matt varnish.

Available in two different rust tones:
‘Bubbling rust Light’ has a lighter, more orange colour typical of very active and fresh corrosion.
‘Bubbling rust Dark’ has a darker, more brown colour typical of mature and deeply rusted surfaces.
A combination of both products used together in different proportions can be used to create realistic natural variations in rust tone across the model.

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