Washed And Scuffed Paint Additive 30ml

Washed And Scuffed Paint Additive 30ml
Washed And Scuffed Paint Additive 30mlWashed And Scuffed Paint Additive 30mlWashed And Scuffed Paint Additive 30mlWashed And Scuffed Paint Additive 30ml

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* Additive for acrylic model paints to produce washed and scuffed paint layer effects.
* Ideal for ‘winter washes’ on armour models, scuffed-up warplanes, producing the look of dust that has been caked onto a vehicle for some time, and many other techniques.
* Added to acrylic paint, making a temporarily disintegrating / washable layer.
* Use sponges, soft or stiff brushes with a little water, to produce various washed or scuffed effects.
* 30ml bottle with easy to control dropper nozzle. Made in the UK.

Acrylic paints can be modified by adding 15-20% of this additive, making the paint layer temporarily washable. (acrylic paint normally forms an immobile waterproof layer as soon as it dries)
The modified paint is ideally airbrushed over a satin or gloss under-layer. As soon as the layer is dried-off it can be washed or scuffed away in places using wet sponges and brushes.

This produces a very different effect from chipping products. Instead, the paint is washed and worn down, producing various thicknesses of the remaining paint.
This is perfect for producing the look of hastily applied and easily washed-off ‘winter wash’ as used on armoured vehicles, or dust that has become caked onto a vehicle and subsequently worn away/ washed off in places. A fantastic weathering aid!

Also ideal for producing linear paint scuffing; for models of battered old cars, or propeller warplanes that have sandblasted their own flying surfaces.
Many other uses are possible, from sun-bleached paint to algae and realistic marine growth on ship and submarine models.

Once the paint containing the additive is fully cured (usually 24 hours), it is no longer disintegrating or washable. So you can easily apply further weathering techniques, decals, and masking without worrying about the paint coming away further.

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