Masking Fluid 30ml

Masking Fluid 30ml
Masking Fluid 30mlMasking Fluid 30mlMasking Fluid 30mlMasking Fluid 30ml

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* Liquid painting mask for scale models and crafts, easy peel-off latex compound.
* Ideal for masking unusual surfaces, vehicle windows, and camouflage patterns on models.
* Light pink application colour contrasts well with many model colour schemes for visibility during use.
* Easy brush clean up with water, immediately after use.
* 30ml bottle with easy to control dropper nozzle. Made in the UK.

Applied to surfaces to create a flexible mask that can be easily peeled away.
Ideal medium viscosity for masking both delicate details such as small aircraft canopies and producing larger patches like camouflage patterns on military models, it comes as a light pink fluid that contrasts well against most paint schemes. It does not flood into details and can be accurately applied with a brush.
The Masking fluid sets quickly (thickness dependent) to a flexible translucent red rubber mask, so it is still easy to see where you have already masked.
The mask will stay in place for painting but can be peeled away in one piece without damage or staining to the surface below.

Masking fluid can be washed from the brush with water immediately after use. But due to the potential of residue setting, if the brush is left, we recommend using an old brush or disposable brushes rather than fine quality brushes kept for painting.

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