Airbrush Thinner 30ml

Airbrush Thinner 30ml
Airbrush Thinner 30mlAirbrush Thinner 30mlAirbrush Thinner 30ml

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* High-performance acrylic paint thinner for achieving the ideal consistency for airbrushing.
* High compatibility formula for use with all water-based and alcohol/water-based acrylic paints.
* Self-levelling and reduces ‘tip-dry’ for smooth, trouble-free airbrushing.
* Maintains coalescent properties of the paint for durable finishes, even at high dilution rates.
* 30ml bottle with easy to control dropper nozzle. Made in the UK.

This airbrush thinner has been developed to be compatible with all brands of acrylic modeling and craft paint, both water-based such as Vallejo or Citadel, and alcohol/water-based such as Tamiya acrylic; we have tested it with all major brands that are currently available in the UK.
It can also be used to thin acrylic/polyurethane primers.
This product cannot be used with oil or solvent-based paint such as enamels or lacquer.

This product is also ideal for cleaning the airbrush between colours and for ‘waking-up’ the airbrush before use, ensuring clean and professional finishes.

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