Decal Solvent 30ml

Decal Solvent 30ml
Decal Solvent 30mlDecal Solvent 30mlDecal Solvent 30ml

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* Softens waterslide decals, allowing them to conform to irregular and detailed model surfaces, adhering perfectly and giving that ‘painted on’ look.
* Applied to the decal using a soft brush after application, it temporarily softens the decal and ensures it bonds tightly to the painted surface once dry.
* Ideal for getting decals to sit properly on difficult compound curved surfaces or those with relief or engraved details such as rivets and panel lines.
* Helps to hide carrier film and no more ‘silvering’ which both ruin the realism of otherwise fantastic looking decals.
* 30ml bottle with easy to control dropper nozzle. Made in the UK.

High-strength decal solvent for use with waterslide decals.
Applied over the top of decal applications using a brush, it will quickly soften the decal and allow it to naturally sit closer to the surface, removing the risk of ‘silvering’ or aid with pressing the decal into the fine surface detail manually, using a soft brush. (Care must be taken not to damage the softened decal until it has fully dried again)

Decal solvent leaves no residue once dry.

A fairly smooth and clean paint surface is required for good decal application, a gloss coat is often recommended but not necessary when using Decal solvent.
Models with decal applications should always receive clear varnishes afterward to help protect decals and also help to hide/blend the decal film edges into the work.

Due to the high-strength formulation and great variability of waterslide decal thickness and quality, we recommend always testing a spare decal from the same sheet for compatibility.
For fine or sensitive decals, Decal solvent can be diluted up to 1/1 with clean water.
Very thick decals, or applications onto complex surfaces may require the additional application of Decal solvent to achieve the desired conformation.

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