Basing Compound 70g

Basing Compound 70g
Basing Compound 70gBasing Compound 70gBasing Compound 70g
Basing Compound 70gBasing Compound 70g

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* Easy-to-use, air-drying compound for producing various textured finishes on wargaming bases.
* Applied with a small spatula or old brush with no mixing required. Acrylic compound that is easily cleaned up with water.
* Can be used by itself for producing smooth textured ground, or with added aggregates, such as sand, grit or stones for textured effects.
* Sets quickly and strongly with a tough finish, adheres strongly to plastic wargaming bases. Ideal for sticking stones or scatters to bases with a realistic ‘embedded in the ground’ look, as with most real large rocks.
* 70g compound supplied in flexible pouch container. Made in the UK.

 Basing compound can be applied directly to typical plastic wargaming bases to quickly transform a flat looking base into one with a realistic terrain texture.

The ready-to-use acrylic formula quickly air-dries, has low shrinkage and sets to a strong and hard composite.

It can be used as is for a smooth rocky look, or you can mix in various grades of non-absorbent aggregate such as sand or grit, leaving you the choice to create various textures from one product.

It also acts as a great bonding agent for small pieces of rock or other scatters, small scenery pieces or mounting points of miniatures.

Stones can be pushed into the wet compound, producing the effect of a large rock that is partially embedded in the ground due to it’s weight. This can look much more realistic than a stone resting entirely above the surface, stuck on with glue.

The neutral grey colour of the dried compound can easily be painted using all types of paints and washes as required.

As a high-density (1.75g/ml) compound, it’s use can add some additional weight to a miniature base, which is often beneficial for stability during a game.

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