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Product use policy

Due to the nature of model and craft making hobbies, and the wide plethora of materials used, we do not accept responsibility or liability for the outcome or quality of your work, or damage to other materials or tools when using our products. We recommend that all of our products are tested with the intended materials, or in a small patch, prior to using them on an important project.
All relevant health and safety aspects should be adhered to when using our products, such as using respirators or ventilation and eye protection when using any of our products in an airbrush, or, wearing eye protection when applying our products in a manner that is likely to cause flicking of the product. All product instructions on the label should be strictly followed.
Due to some of our products being mixed with other materials in use, for example when thinning or stripping paints, we cannot advise on safe use or disposal of resultant mixtures. Old paint and miniatures may contain toxic substances such as lead. Please contact your local waste disposal authority for more information.