Welcome to Mantis models and hobbies!

24 May 2022  |  Admin

Welcome to Mantis models and hobbies!

Hello and welcome to our new website!
We have just opened up our store and this blog, in late spring of 2022. We are very pleased to welcome you here and make available some interesting model-making products that we have been developing, and intensively testing over the past year.
Please check out the categories at the top of the page to have a look at these products.

At launch, we are pleased to offer eight products that are some very useful solutions for model-making and wargame hobbies. There are also plenty of products in the pipeline which should hopefully be added to the website not too far into the future. So please add us to your bookmarks and check back soon. We currently have further weathering products to release, and will soon be working to release a variety of accessories and details. (not all of our products will be bottled!)

As hobbyists, we also try to use any spare hour or so we have to continue our passion for model-making, crafts and wargaming.
We are currently sculpting a fantasy 'mushroom house' jar, for storing little pieces in our studio and assembling units for a Slaanesh Daemons Warhammer 40k army.
As is typical for many hobbyists, we do have many part-built projects on the back-burner too, we have built collections of 1/144 small scale dioramas of aeroplanes, tanks and ships and also have a collection of (much larger scale!) 1/6 WW2 weaponry and accessories. 

We will be sure to update the blog with some of our projects as well as content related to any new products.

All the best,
Mantis models and hobbies